Brand Ambassadors

With over 5000 Brand Ambassadors and product demonstrators on our books, iD Staffing specialises in recruiting and training staff for a range of both permanent and temporary roles including:

  • Event Managers & Brand Ambassadors
  • In-store Product Demonstrators
  • Beauty & Fragrance Consultants
  • Store Managers & Assistants




We believe that at the heart of every great brand experience is a great brand ambassador. We can safely say, no other agency goes to the lengths that we do to recruit, train and motivate our staff. Our revolutionary Auditions process allows us to meet and interview every one of the promotional staff on our books.

Auditions Process

  • Our unique auditions process tour the country searching for staff with varied skill sets to represent some of the biggest brands in the UK
  • Clients are able to hand-pick the brand ambassadors  they want to represent them.
  • Only the best make it on to our books
  • Dedicated Head of Training creates bespoke sessions to ensure that Brand Ambassadors are experts in both your brand and delivering the very best customer service
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