In-store demonstrations

iD creates many of the most effective product demonstration programmes in the UK for some of Britain's best loved brands. With over 23 years experience and 40,000 demonstrations delivered every year, iD is the UK's leading in-store promotional agency delivering:

  • In-store product demonstrations
  • Unique assessment & retail training programmes
  • Campaign design & POS production
  • Real-time reporting


We work across all types of retail environments, from department stores such as John Lewis and Selfridges through to high street shops and shopping malls across the UK. We are a rostered in-store and staffing provider for Dixons Retail. We also provide permanent retail staff for a range of different brands and concept stores.


  • Every element of our in-store demonstration campaigns are tailored to our clients brands and products.
  • Our unique Recruitment & Training Days tour the country to select the very best sales, demonstration and in-store promotional staff for your brand.
  • At the heart of our approach is immersive training of our demonstrators.
  • Our specialist Sales Training Consultant runs bespoke training sessions which ensures every demonstrator is an expert in your brand moving them from salesperson to trusted advisor.


Our powerful reporting tools allow you to continually monitor your live campaigns, fine tuning them in order to get the best ROI possible. We've devised a bespoke iPad app that allows you to report on sales, see demonstrators check in via GPS and analyse a range of store and venue data.

Take a look at our latest guide; In-Store Demonstrations - the secrets to building long lasting brand advocacy providing you with helpful tips on how to produce a successful in-store demonstration campaign and bring your brand/product to life in the retail environment.


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