How new technology is changing experiential marketing



New technology is helping customers to better engage with brands through experiential marketing. Every technological breakthrough offers companies an opportunity to create unique experiences tailored to their customers. But what are the emerging technologies, and how can they create meaningful real-life experiences? Here is a quick guide.

Experiential Marketing Predictions for 2017



As new technology emerges and more brands now understand the importance of experiential marketing, we run through our top predictions for the coming year.

The Battle for Christmas

Buster the Boxer.jpg


The UK is expected to spend a record £77.56 billion this Christmas. It is no surprise that retailers want effective messages for their brands to attract customers. Once again John Lewis dominated the festive season, but there has been some serious competition this year. We look at some of the key contenders in the battle for Christmas.

What Millennials want from brands



Millennials love to shop, but many brands still struggle to engage this demographic. 

Fun fact: more than half the global population was born after 1980, and by 2019 Millennials are predicted to hit the 17 million mark in the UK (Inkling 2016).


Co-op celebrates great food whatever the weather

Co-op blog_2.jpg


Co-op is ready to embrace the unpredictability of British summer and help customers do the same. They’re asking Facebook fans to help co-create new dishes by suggesting their ‘secret ingredients’.

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