921 DAYS...

London Olympics


It's 921 days until the 2012 London Olympics. iD's Group Account Director Caroline Deutsch gives us her view on what will be the biggest event the UK's ever seen and it's implication for Experiential marketing...

Travelling across town, one cannot miss the BT Tower in all its glory. However my colleague and I were both curious as to the message being broacast across the capital today – “921 days”.

921 days till what!?

Thus ensued a conversation involving help from Google but I had already guessed – the 2012 Olympics of course.

This long established London landmark’s message certainly got me thinking...

Ok, so the big brand names will dominate in 2012 using marketing in all mediums, not least experiential – McDonalds recently winning the MAAW Best in the World Award 2009 for their “Cheers for China” campaign.

But what was clever about this campaign was that it truly connected with people & encouraged the whole of China to get involved.

Anyone visiting McDonalds restaurants could record their cheer for the Chinese team in video booths which was immediately uploaded to the McDonalds web site. The ten best cheerers got to lead the McDonalds Olympic Cheering Team with real time clips shown in the restaurants. A fantastic way of creating fun and instilling national pride. For us experiential agencies, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase to the world what experiential can deliver whether that be at a local, national and ultimately global level. Let’s ensure our London Olympics does not become a row of grand Pavilions dominated by sponsorship and branding, but a chance to show how experiential activity can bring the games to the people.

The CEO of Australian agency ABT sums it up for me “It’s not brands talking about themselves, it’s the conversations people have after experiencing the brand that really matter”

921 days and counting!

Caroline Deutsch

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