In an industry where agencies search to find the latest technology for their clients, iD Experiential Planner, Lisa Homewood, speaks about a simple but effective campaign run by Selfridges…

In these times of virtual reality, augmented reality, high definition and whatever the new self-consciously smug piece of technology is this week, I thought there was something rather charming about this bit of activity Selfridges ran on their website to support London Fashion Week.

It’s a cut-out doll. With cut-out designer clothes and accessories. You print, cut and dress – I love it!

And what I love more is the chance to take a picture of my doll in an unusual place and submit it for the chance to win £500 of Selfridges vouchers. I took mine to Switzerland and photographed her enjoying a vin chaud on the slopes.

Admittedly, it’s not one for the boys, but I think it’s a perfect demonstration of something simple, gorgeous and effective.

Thanks for listening!

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