iD Experiential Planner, Lisa Homewood, speaks about about the hostile world of the car showroom for women and how iD Experiential created a brand experience to overcome this...

I read a lot for pleasure, but having laboriously waded my way through so many marketing text books back in the 1990’s, it’s only recently that I’ve been able to face the thought of reading more widely for work.

But it’s not enough to flick just through Marketing or Marketing Week as of course the majority of content is generated by agencies – like us – with a self-promotion agenda. Reading for work takes some effort and commitment. Titles like How Not to Come Second and Inside the Mind of a Shopper are not instant attention grabbers, but battle through and you will find yourself sympathising with or challenging what you are reading and discovering that you have a point of view. And it could spark a winning thought or different approach to a brief that makes an actual difference to your business.

Last year, I read Inside her Pretty Little Head by Jane Cunningham and Phillippa Roberts. At the time, we were working on brief for a car launch whose target audience was women. The brand wanted us to drive female consumer traffic into their retailers. But there was the fundamental issue that the majority of women would rather pull out their own eyelashes than step into the hostile world of the car showroom. They’re petrified of being pounced on as soon as they cross the threshold.

There’s a really interesting chapter in this book about what it is that women find fundamentally alien about retailers – it’s very male, it’s very starkly presented and all the information is detail after detail about product performance rather than how the product can have a positive impact on her life.

Cue brain… why fight a losing battle; if there are so many barriers to overcome, isn’t it easier to take the car to the woman than drag the women to the car? So, we created a brand experience for women at cinemas and 40k consumers expressed an interest in the car and gave us their data. Now, it’s up to the retailers to work their magic and convert these into sales.

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