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From our point of view, a key issue that experiential solves right now is product trial and brand engagement.

Good morning // afternoon // evening, I hope this blog finds you exceedingly well. iD recently took part in Marketing mag's Experiential essays supplement - it was an interesting exercise and good to hear our competitors' view point on our discipline and where it might go in the future.

Future aside, from our point of view, a key issue that experiential solves right now is product trial and brand engagement - I'll explain... What’s the number-one reason a consumer buys into a brand? Is it our stylish celebrity ambassador, clever viral or expensive awareness campaign? Or is it because they tried it, thought it was actually pretty good and, more importantly, good value for money?

We marketers too often forget what it’s like to be consumers. We love our brands, but consumers don’t necessarily have the same relationship. They’re interested in benefits – ‘What’s in it for me?’ There are tangible and proven reasons why you should invest your hard-won marketing budget in allowing consumers to experience your brand.

Let’s start with what consumers, the ones with the wallets, think about experiential marketing... 97% would like to be able to ask questions about a brand before buying 89% of consumers actually want to try a brand before buying 73% have better brand knowledge after participating in experiential marketing 64% positively advocate experiential campaigns 58% say that experiential marketing encourages them to buy a productSource: MyVoice Research, commissioned by iD Experiential.

All of this, I’m sure you agree, is pretty intuitive stuff that we can easily relate to as consumers ourselves. So, if we accept that getting consumers to experience our products is vital to our success as brand-owners, why don’t we invest more in trial (and re-trial) campaigns? Perhaps we don’t reflect often enough on what trial can do for our brands. Got you thinking? Why not have a read through our Experiential Essay...


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