A right royal knees-up for brands

Royal Wedding


With the first major Royal wedding in nearly 30 years... Nadia Dand takes a look at the brands looking to cash in by forging an association with the big day...

The royal wedding provides the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with a target audience. Communities are coming together to celebrate in their leisure time, feeling relaxed and more welcome to brand messaging.

We know the success of Experiential depends on good targeting. Whilst mass sampling campaigns offer wide brand recognition they run the risk of low target reach. Geo-demographic targeting, following the theory ‘you are where you live’, means people living in the same street are likely to be of similar demographics and to ‘think’ the same way. So what more perfect a way to capture a specific target group than to immerse a brand into a community on street level. The royal celebrations offer the chance to seed into communities in a genuine manner. Whether it’s sponsoring an existing street party, organising an actual community event, or providing ammunition such as furniture, food and props.

Camp Royal is turning Clapham Common into a campsite for 10k people to camp and watch the footage on giant screens. Brands jumping on board include: Camp Kerala-Mademoiselle, a luxury tent at a measly £3100; Pizza Express; Brothers cider; and Yorkshire Tea.

The trendy Book Club café in Shoreditch is staging an entire street party with a funfair atmosphere of entertainment, music, food and alcohol. The event will boost the venue’s kudos in the minds of its audience, resulting in repeat visits and positive WOM.

Pimms are spending £500k on producing branded bunting to furnish street parties. This is the perfect way to infiltrate on street level – just think of all the photographs taken and locked in time within our social media sites with Pimms bunting in the foreground!

Within digital communities we have YouTube streaming the royal wedding live with historical information and an online guest book. Then there’s T-Mobile’s hilarious viral spoof which has attracted 13,371,487 viewers to date. The viral depicts the entire royal wedding party dancing down the aisle using convincing lookalikes!

The humour of lookalikes was lost on the Mumsnet audience. It received bad press after revealing a webchat with Kate Middleton was a fake set up with a lookalike. Comments from users brandished online included: ‘Ill-advised, and poorly executed’ and ‘Trust has now been lost and it’s hard to know what that will mean for the site/site user relationship moving forward’. The band misjudged its target audience, veering too far from its core brand ethics.

So in some cases brands have fallen short, providing poorly planned activity with no longevity. Only those investing generously into the community spirit to create street celebrations to match those of days gone by, will benefit from the ripple effect of the big day.

Thanks for listening, Nadia

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