The Alpro Summer of Fun



This summer, we'll be touring the UK’s music festival circuit with Alpro soya, offering festival goers free Alpro soya goodies from an unmissable twenty foot high breakfast table and cereal bowl!

As yet another festival season swings around and the wellie boots are being dusted off in preparation for the classic British summer, we will be touring the UK’s best festivals with Alpro soya, offering festival goers free Alpro soya goodies from our unmissable twenty foot high breakfast table and cereal bowl! Yes it really is that big…

This year, the festival season is one of the busiest ever in the UK with almost 130 festivals taking place up and down the country, it gets bigger every year! Festivals are hot property for FMCG brands, it’s an environment where they can catch consumers when they are in a fun and relaxed frame of mind, allowing them to be more receptive to brand trial. From rock, to chill, to electro, to everything in between, if there are people listening to a genre, there’ll be a festival to cater for them.

Given the chance to get a brand in their hands, consumers will associate it with a memorable experience and chances are they’ll try it again following the event. Our Breakfest experience aims to give over 163,000 festival goers across the country a chance to start their day with a healthier breakfast of plant goodness. The Alpro soya breakfest table will include a giant eye catching cereal bowl that festival-goers will be able to climb into with their friends and have their photograph taken, which will then be uploaded directly to their Facebook page.

Festival goers will be able to wake up and head down to our huge breakfast bowl and try a number of products from the Alpro soya breakfast menu, which includes Alpro soya milk and yogurts served with cereals, fresh fruit and delicious healthy smoothies, all on the house of course. Later in the day, once your favourite bands are getting ready to play you can try a guilt-free Alpro soya vanilla or chocolate deserts as well as a bowl of strawberries and Alpro soya cream.

Right here’s what you need to know, we have already visited Cornbury Festival, Latitude and Kendal Calling and will go on to visit The Big Chill (4th - 7th August), Summer Sundae (12th - 14th August) and Bestival (8th - 11th September).

We hope to see you there, to get you in the mood why not check out the images on our flickr page? Or you could always ‘like us’ on Facebook to receive festival updates! Thanks for listening,

Victoria Fitzsimmons
Senior Account Manager

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