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In preparation for her talk on Experiential Marketing at Brighton University next month, Annie Kao speaks about her first year of work at iD Experiential…

Let me take you back… A year ago as I graduated from my Retail Marketing degree I could hardly imagine what life working in a marketing agency would be like! (And to be honest, I felt incredibly unprepared for the reality of it after four years as a student!)

Many of the pre-conceptions I had then were shaped by the talks my lecturers organised with former students in the industry. Now after a year at iD Experiential, and after having been asked to return to give a lecture on Experiential Marketing, I find myself reminiscing over the pre-conceptions I had then and how they met the reality of working life in the industry.

I remember being attracted to experiential marketing for its ability to cut through the millions of marketing messages a consumer is subjected to, and deliver a direct and memorable message to them in the form of an experience. In reality this ability is certainly true of the experiential industry, and in providing these unique and memorable experiences lies a great degree of variety that would be hard to match for a young graduate of my age.

In the past year I’ve found myself working on a host of exciting campaigns targeting demographics I can really relate to, including ‘Levi’s Curve ID’ pop-up shops (giving women the unique experience of measuring their curves!), and most recently a ‘Sleek MakeUP’ makeover experience stand at London’s top music festivals, which of course I attended!

If I can conclude one thing from my first year at iD Experiential it’s that day-to-day tasks and repetition don’t really exist in experiential marketing and you never really get bored! The projects that you work on are both exciting and constantly innovating, and for the length of each project you really do feel like a part of the brands you represent.

If my blog has wetted your appetite for a career in Experiential Marketing simply upload a 40 second video onto Youtube of youself showcasing why we should give you a job and send the link to

That’s enough from me!

Annie Kao

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