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To become one of our brand ambassadors you’ve got to have the necessary drive, personality and commitment... Charlotte Wilkes talks us though what she looks for in a brand ambassador...

“Charlotte seeks someone who is confident, engaging, and presentable, has (impeccable) personal hygiene, loves absorbing information, is on-time, has experience in sales, is hard working and never lets me down!” It sounds like a picky personal ad you would find in The Metro but alas this is the bare minimum I look for when it comes to my trained in-store staff.

I’m looking for the kind of person that when you go into a store they can make you completely forget what you needed and come out with something you didn’t even know you wanted. They can sweep you off your feet and take you to a land where wrinkles never existed, where gourmet coffee comes out of a machine that non-barista people can use and where there is always a new shade of eye shadow that is perfect for you!

Very few have these qualities but fortunately for me they gravitate towards us here at iD Staffing and I’m thankful for my in store team of just over 2,000 people who tick all the boxes. Maybe we should start up a dating site on the side because let’s face it if you have the above qualities who wouldn’t want to date you?

Do you have what it takes to become one of our in-store demonstrators? click here to apply…

Or as a brand, do you have a product launch coming up or you'd like consumers to reappraise your existing brand, get in touch.

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