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Tessa James, Account Director, talks about turning a one dimensional evening at the cinema into something which engages all 5 senses…

I was watching the latest instalment of Heston Blumenthal’s Mission Impossible last week and it got me thinking…

The idea of sensory cinema at first glance seems so appealing as well as so obvious. How amazing would it be to experience a film via more than just sight and sound – why not physically activate all the senses and really bring the film to life? After all we’ve got 3D cinema now, why not go one step further and give the chance to feel part of the film, rather than just to watch it?

After all that’s the business we’re in – creating live experiences to capture the imagination of our consumers, to draw them in and make them feel something about a brand. We know it’s these kinds of experiences that people want to engage with.

Heston obviously saw the potential in this – “It’s all about smell and taste!” and in a way only Heston could, created a sensory cinematic experience that could only be described as completely bonkers… edible sperm shake that movie goers were given to quirt into their mouths whilst Heston spritzed what can only be described as eau to orgy above their heads ….yes you read correctly.

Well you can image the reaction of the people watching the film… a relatively small amount of polite interest and huge amount of cynicism (to be polite). Heston tried but failed, in his attempt to push the boundaries he ended up with losing sight of them completely. It’s a shame as I do believe there is something quite powerful in the idea of a film experience that really makes you feel like you’re there alongside the characters…

My own local cinema does an amazing job of turning a one dimensional evening at the cinema into something far more sensorial, purely through comfy seating, a bottle of wine and a cheeseboard – so thanks Heston, although the concept might be interesting, you took it a little too far for me.

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