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Our Auditions Executive, Nancy Brown talks about out latest search for the very best Brand Ambassadors available on the market...

To hold your own as a market leader in an industry widely regarded as fresh, forward thinking and innovative, it is essential to be, well, exactly that. With this in mind, looking fresh and feeling forward, we approach the first phase of 2011's nationwide search for our newest batch of iDOLS - Seeking out the crème de la crème of Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers available on the market today.

I very much doubt that any other agency in the UK can boast a recruitment process quite like ours, and here at iD, we're shouting about it from the roof tops!

Providing premiem, on brand staff for every campaign is a matter we take very seriously, and rightly so….It's been said a hundred times or more, but the fact is people really do buy people.... And that, my friend, is why it is so important to have the right people representing you.

The iD Auditions are a rigorous screening process where we meet every single applicant before they make it onto our books and into the field, and with only 20% of auditionees making it that far you can rest assured that if our iDols are representing your brand, you are being represented by the most exceptional talent on the market today, (and they really are a talented bunch, we have singers, dancers, actors, presenters, chefs, make-up artists, poi artists, flame throwers, stilt walkers, magicians...

The Auditions are taking place the length and breadth of the UK with the first four happening in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester throughout May (and we can expect to vet some 800 applicants during this month alone). Impressed?

There's more. We're not content to have just the best.... We want to make them better, which is why all of our successful iDols are fully trained by us and know exactly what to expect, and what is expected of them, once they make it as a representative out on the field.

This is recruitment and training on an epic scale, in fact, this is the biggest Brand Ambassador recruitment and training event in the UK. Ever.

The planning and preparation for a recruitment drive on this scale has been phenomenal, so we're all excited for the first round which kicks off on May 10th at Camden's prestigious Proud Galleries…

On which note, there’s plenty to be done so I’d better stop sounding off iD’s proverbial trumpet and get on with it…

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