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With so many people asking you to follow, like, retweet and share their content, we understand it’s sometimes a hard decision to make, so we’ve tried to make it a little easier for you on why you should follow us....

First, a quick question, are you a fan of us on Facebook or following us on twitter? If not here's five reasons (there's literally millions) why you should follow iD Experiential…

1). Frequent Updates. Stay informed about our activities here at iDHQ, we've always got something going on, whether it's nationwide roadshow, an event we attended, city centre experiential activation, or a mass sampling campaign, stay in the know.

2). Job Opportunities. We put every job opportunity on our twitter and Facebook pages, so whether you want to work out in the field as a brand ambassador or at iD Experiential Headquarters you'll be kept up to date when we're on the look out.

3). Engaging content from the world of experiential. We’re constantly scouring the 'net to find engaging campaigns, great blog posts and anything that gets our goat from other websites. Discover some of the best experiential campaigns as soon as we find them.

4). Images - A picture is worth a thousand words, and with only 140 Twitter characters to get our message across a picture is worth 140 characters! We regularly post images from all of our campaigns onto twitter and Facebook giving a real feel and flavour for each of our campaigns.

5). Talk to us! Have a question about experiential marketing or an idea you'd love to share with us? Tweet it to us or post it on our wall! We try to answer what questions we can, and love hearing from you.

So what are you waiting for? Follow us at @iDExperiential, and recommend us to your friends #FF #FollowFriday and Like our Facebook Page

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