Up, up and away, in our beautiful balloon! Could you think of anywhere better to hold a meeting? No, neither could we…

Routines are boring. Doing the same thing day after day is turning our once incredible brains into dull, unimaginative mush – this is a scientific fact, it was on the telly. Anyway, they say variety is the spice of life and they’re probably right, yet in order to pay for all our many vices, we gots to get PAID! We must go to an office, we must sit in the same chair, type on the same keyboard and stare drooling at the same computer screen, day after day until we’ve earned enough money to sit at home in an armchair so we can stare drooling at the Discovery Channel wishing we’d taken our souls up on that midlife crisis and gone travelling, never to return.

This might be a tad morbid, actually, I’ve just read it back, it definitely is but hang in there ‘cause here comes the up beat bit. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! We can make our working lives as limitlessly interesting as we like! We, the wonderful, exciting people of the ‘big company client & creative marketing agency’ world have it in our power to make our 9 – 6:30’s as interesting, varied and dynamic as we like!

We’re the fun, creative ones in our companies that are supposed to be getting up to all sorts of antics as part of our roles. We’re supposed to be out there freeing our minds of the shackles of business parks and shuttle busses to dream up exciting new creative ways to encourage consumers to love our brands like we do – we have absolutely no reason to be chained to our desks. We can be liberated!

Wouldn’t you rather have your next meeting in a hot air balloon than a hot boardroom? The next client that invites me to present our creds will definitely find themselves in a whicker basket floating far far away from the mundane. Life is a series of experiences after all, might as well make them interesting.

Please feel free to follow this example and make the world a more experiential place! And not to mention help pick the UK hot air balloon industry up off its knees.

Much love,

Dan Hall
Business Development Director


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