Lets Get Physical


Caroline Deutsch explains why the Experiential Industry revolutionises the way in which brands connect with their consumers...

So where’s the Olivia Newton John video I hear you ask?! Admittedly she did give Jane Fonda a run for her money back in the day but no, I am talking about the physical importance of face to face communication….

Experiential marketing has the power over any other discipline to engage directly with an audience in a physical sense creating a long lasting emotional connection.

Think about the last concert you went to – how did you feel seeing your favourite band playing live? Playing that track again back at home wouldn’t make you feel as good but I bet it took you back to the live experience of being there and feeling something.

I absolutely believe that social media and online communication has a major role to play in terms of integration and reach. Just this week Julia Hobsbawm, Founder and Chief Executive of the acclaimed networking and ideas business Editorial Intelligence, has been appointed as Professor of Networking at City University no less. Interestingly even she said, “Deep connections & a sense of trust can only come from face to face”

Only one in five people use social networks to make brand recommendations, the same as they do in the real world. If you are still not convinced, a recent research piece from Jack Morton stated that “physically interacting with a brand & engaging with a unique consumer experience will make consumers purchase one brand over another”.

Herein lies the power of experiential – so what are we waiting for?! … Let’s Go & Get Physical!

Caroline Deutsch
Client Services Director

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