Hannah Wood- Operations Manager for iD explains why despite the mud and the rain, festivals are the best place to be this summer…

On Saturday I was walking through a field in Northern Scotland, it was dark and raining. I elegantly dodged around the roots of a large tree and, thinking myself very clever to be able to do so without a torch, stepped into a rabbit hole, which was deep enough to submerge my left leg up to my thigh in mud.

This sort of thing has happened to me pretty much every weekend since the beginning of June. Obviously this is mainly due to my inherent clumsiness but none of it would have been possible if I wasn’t lucky enough to have worked on so many outdoor events this year with iD.

I have learnt that rain and mud do not bother me. I have learnt to love techno, heavy metal and cheesy pop. I have learnt, by heart, the routes to so many places in the UK that I could win Mastermind (as long as the general knowledge bit was left out). I have learnt to pack wellies, sun cream, hoodies, scarves, sunglasses and woolly hats all for one weekend. But most of all I have learnt that iD Brand Ambassadors are incredibly hard-working and generally unfazed by things that would make most people want to go home, wrap themselves in a blanket and sob into a cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong, working on an experiential marketing campaign at an event is brilliant fun. You get to chat to all sorts of people, listen to some great music, eat as many burger variations as you can possibly imagine, occasionally get a bit of a tan (emphasis on ‘occasionally’) and experience the wonder of experiential marketing in its natural habitat. This is what makes the Experiential Marketing industry worth about £400m a year!

There has been so little moaning about the rain, the cold, the early mornings, the late nights that I sometimes find myself wondering if I have accidentally left the staff behind at the hotel.

Having had a fantastic event season for our brands so far, and with some of our biggest festivals still to come. I look forward to the next few months of being the only person moaning about the cold and the rain whilst our Brand Ambassadors enjoy every moment of creating brand experiences.

Hannah Wood
Operations Manager


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