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Boots Christmas App

The influence of mobile technology is at an all-time high within the consumer market. What better time to immerse digital into an experiential environment?...

An article published in Marketing Week last week claimed that brands are being urged to wake up to the mobile web or risk losing billions in sales. In a study produced by Deloitte a staggering £3.5 billion of retail sales are predicted to be purchased or influenced by smartphones this Christmas.

Whilst this may seem extreme this is not a matter to be taken lightly. Most big brands seem to have cottoned on to the concept that their marketing strategies are most effective when actively engaging with their consumers, so convenience would naturally be the next point on the brand-consumer checklist.


In light of this eBay recently launched a fully immersive pop up shop in London’s Covent Garden that took place for 3 days in the run up to the infamous ‘Cyber Monday’ (3rd Dec). Combining smartphone technology with augmented reality consumers were able to search for and purchase some of the most popular gifts this Christmas through a customised eBay app for iPhone & iPad. The campaign was a clear demonstration of how well the use of experiential activity ties in with mobile technology.The strategy seemed to make a large impact, it was reported that ‘Cyber Monday’ witnessed 112 million visits to retail sites, noting eBay as one of the sites with the largest amount of traffic throughout the day.


It’s not just online retailers that are aiming to bring the retail shopping experience to life. High street giant Boots have recently launched a ‘Christmas mobile app’ that allows consumers to record personalised messages via their smartphone using specialised gift tags with built in QR codes. Recipients of the gifts can then scan their smartphone over the tag to view their special message. In addition to this the app can also be used to compile gift lists and act as a memory prompt when in store. For those that still manage to forget, consumers are automatically directed to the Boots website. (No excuses ay?!)

Whilst most digital strategies are developed around the idea that consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping at the touch of a button. QR codes and the rise of augmented reality are now allowing brands to create the ultimate shopping experience on the go and boost their presence (not to mention their sales) in a whole host of different environments. For experiential, mobile technology is now a vital tool when planning and executing brand experiences that really connect with consumers and can also be used as an effective tool to measure sales and ROI for campaigns.

Madison Byrne
Marketing Executive

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