Well that was some year...

That Was Some Year


After playing host to London 2012 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012 was truly a unique year for the events industry in the UK. These landmark events were the perfect opportunity for brands and their agencies to demonstrate best practice standards in production, creativity and delivery. Our very own Senior Account Manager Simon Mcgrath looks back at a remarkable year...

This year saw some fantastic pieces of experiential activity as brands recognised the opportunities and how only a live activation would suffice.

One of 2012’s disappointments for me has to be that the phrase, “Jubilympics”, coined by the brilliant BBC Two sitcom Twenty Twelve, didn’t truly catch on. However, a phrase that most certainly did, and which also featured in Twenty Twelve, was “legacy” (*cue rolling of eyes*).

At iD, we had to get to grips with this phrase and its real meaning from relatively early on when we began working with Delancey on East Village in October 2011. East Village was better known as the athlete’s village during the actual Games. However, thanks in part to the experiential campaign undertaken by iD, it is now recognised as London’s Newest Neighbourhood with 3000 new homes; boasting sustainable living, world class sporting facilities and acres of wetlands and parks. iD Experiential brought to life this vision and have been telling the story of East Village to Londoners for the past year. In the summer of 2013 the first occupants will be moving in.

As for the surrounding area, as its transfers into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 2013 looks to be a big year. BT will be setting up shop in Media City UK where its new sports broadcasting department will be based. West Ham are front runners to occupy the Stadium - whilst that physical move is some years away, an announcement confirming the switch from Upton Park to Stratford is imminent. Next year, landmark sporting facilities will begin to open to the public including the Aquatics Centre and the Velodrome. And the first major event to take place onsite since the Games will be RideLondon 2013 - a new cycling event set up by the organisers of the London Marathon. So at this stage the signs of a sporting legacy are looking rather promising. As a new purpose for the area is defined, it will be interesting to see what opportunities then follow for local businesses, brands and agencies alike.

Taking a wider look at 2012, this year we have seen an increase in integrated campaigns with brands showing a willingness to experiment using new technologies to amplify their communications to consumers post engagement. What’s been pleasing to see is that the experience continues to play an integral role which the other communication channels then feed into.In 2013, this will no doubt continue but most likely with an added layer of sophistication. From the strategic planning phase through to project delivery, the most effective campaigns will be those that are insight led. Simply providing weekly footfall figures followed up with some independent analysis is no longer enough!

It may be some years before we fully understand what the legacy truly was for the events industry. In the meantime, you can get your official “Jubilympics” merchandise here


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