Emma Ede, our MD here at iD Experiential talks about nurturing Experiential talent and gives us her top tips on how to forge a culture of growth and development.

Nurturing talent is important to the well-being and development of any individual, business and sector. This is common knowledge, yet employee satisfaction and retention are constant challenges that the marketing industry notoriously grapples with.

The experiential sector is no exception. In fact, it appears to lag behind other marketing sectors, in terms of training and talent development. Recent moves by the marketing industry to tackle this issue have been welcomed, but these initiatives are still very much in their infancy. The IPM launched a certificate of Experiential Marketing qualification and training in 2010 but it is a distance learning programme and is therefore not the investment in face to face time with individuals. The MAA, on the other hand, offers some excellent general client service, creative workshop and project management face to face training programmes but they are very generalist marketing courses and really don’t focus enough on our specialist industry related issues.

It’s fantastic that the industry is beginning to tackle this issue, but I believe that training will only go so far, and it’s ultimately the responsibility of the employer to create an environment where people will grow. At iD, we have a very simple philosophy that every employee should look forward to coming in to work.

To read Emma's top tips on how business owners and management teams can forge a culture of growth and development, ultimately contributing to the longevity and well-being of the entire industry Click here


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