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A little campaign about love, that I love...

In pursuit of a spot of light reading this morning I dropped into the iD blog and noticed that our most recent posts slating Muller and Vodaphone’s marketing efforts have been a little negative (though we do all love a good intellectual rant here in the iD office*).

*FYI - Muller have since told TBWA where to shove it, so clearly we know what we’re ranting about.

Anyhoo, to restore some positive chi to this blog, I thought I’d tell you all about a campaign that has well and truly melted my cold marketing heart of stone. After all, ‘tis the month of St. Valentine. And to mark the occassion, Tiffany & Co have launched a love offensive online, aptly named ‘What Makes Love True’.

There’s a whole bunch of cool social engagement on the site, including a branded Instagram gallery that invites you to upload your own Instagram moments of true love, but what I think is BRILLIANT (yes, capital brilliant) is their Google map of love...

Using Google Maps technology, they have created an online platform that simply invites you to ‘share your love’ by pinpointing a place that makes your heart beat faster and marking it with your initials. I like this. I like this a lot. It takes you back to those emotionally heightened days when making out with your high school boyfriend and carving your initials on a tree seemed like a very cool thing to do (for example). Tiffany & Co’s ‘Love is Everywhere’ map takes this principle and blows it up online, taking your little profession of love global. Nice.

So if you’re feeling amorous, check it out click here

Why not go crazy and mark your own sweet spot. Gowaaan...

Happy Valentine! Love Lauren

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