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Our very own Senior Production Executive Christianne Beck shares her love of all things Experiential...

Innovation and creativity…
Two of the best words in the English dictionary! There are so many original ideas in the world and experiential marketing is one of the most exciting places to see them. With more and more agencies making their way into the market every day, and consumers becoming accustomed to experiential activity; inspiration and new effective ideas are hard to find.

You do not get a lot of time to captivate a consumer with experiential marketing. Whether you’re in a shopping centre or city centre, festival or trade show, you need a mechanic to attract the target market in an interesting or motivating way in a very short space of time. It’s important to have an exciting way to portray a brand message to make a campaign truly stand out.

One of the hardest parts of experiential activity is not only to come up with a ground breaking and engaging mechanic for a campaign, but to also ensure that it fits within the budget provided. Not only that but the campaign concept must be relevant, interesting and achievable, and your idea should be totally original too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love experiential marketing for all these reasons. It’s a fantastic challenge everyday, you’re constantly learning and it excites me when I work on or see an activity bursting with creativity and an innovative concept. The industry is constantly evolving, and alongside developments in technology the world has seen some fantastic campaigns – but still there are amazing ideas yet to be discovered.

There are so many great examples of innovative experiential campaigns, but one of my overall favourites has to be this Nokia Lumia 800 launch at the London Millbank Tower November last year. An amazing combination of knowing your target audience, using the newest technology available at the time, and innovation. Lovely!

I believe experiential marketing is one of the most profound new art forms in the 21st century. And I love being a part of this industry


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