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Wimbledon is over (sorry Murray) and the Olympics are about to kick off. Becky Wong takes you through the influential brands that are proud to support Team GB in 2012...


Having never been one to follow sporting events, this year I have found myself attending Ascot, following the Euros and then Wimbledon. I for one had been hopeful 2012 would be the year Murray won alas no, Federer once again went home with the trophy.

What has gripped me into the many different sporting events this year has been the patriotic atmosphere brought on with the recent Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympic Games coming to London – what an exciting year to be British!

The arrival of the Olympic Games also brings official brand sponsors. London 2012 sponsors include Cadburys, British Airways, Coca-Cola, Adidas and McDonalds all trying to make their sponsorships work hard for their brands. Below are a few examples of what these brands are delivering with their sponsorship.

Mcdonald’s ran a “Mascotathon” where nine million toys were given away as part of their Happy Meal promotion to encourage kids to get active. According to the promotion the toys count the number of times that kids are active to “help to power the game mascots on their journey to the games”.

British Airways recently launched a teaser trailer online for their forthcoming TV campaign featuring The Clash’s “London Calling” while at the same time heavily incorporating the Olympics logo in their print advertising and Facebook page posts.

Last year, Coca-Cola launched a campaign to celebrate local talent and how locals have improved their areas. Coca’cola’s “Future Flames2 encouraged the public to nominate their neighbours doing positive things in their communities” to carry the Olympic Flame in the Torch Relay this year.

Sport brand sponsor Adidas produced Olympic branded gear to be worn by British athletes and Games volunteers. They also launched an in store range heavily branded with the Olympic logo to be sold in their shops.

Last but not least – Cadbury, never one to shy away from the weird and wonderful, ran a campaign to recruit members of the public to record clips of themselves singing their support for the Team GB athletes. The result is just as thought provoking (and definitely as bizarre) as their Cadbury Gorilla playing the drums. Check out the “The Final Countdown” below and let us know what you think.

All the brands sponsoring the Games have found different ways to involve the general public to make them a part of the Games rather than simply plaster the logo wherever they can. Whatever their messaging, there is one message that remains consistent through these campaigns: they are here to support Team GB and they are proud to have the games in London for 2012. Go Team GB!

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