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iD In-store Account Manager Lizzie Morrison tells us why life as a brand ambassador is anything but unexciting...

Life as a brand ambassador is anything but dull and certainly has its advantages...
You generally get to skip the hectic 9 to 5 rush hour on tubes, never wear a suit and most importantly, you never know what kind of job you'll be booked onto next.

From past experience in the field, this is something I am all too aware of and although life's not dull, it isn't always as easy as some people may think...! Imagine asking someone if they would like to buy a machine that would help them get rid of their cellulite? Not the easiest opening line to come up with I can assure you!

Not to mention the time I had to go up to men AND women in bars after their hard day in city to see if they would like a massage (again, I didn't always get the best reaction). I won't even go into the time I had to dress up as Mr Potato Head as part of a campaign -I can only say I was grateful that no one could see my face!

But I think the most memorable job I did was one Christmas several years ago before iD was even a notion in my mind. Not knowing when the next job would come my way I accepted a role working as a Christmas nymph. Having naively imagined I would be some kind of cute helper of Santa at the local grotto, I soon got the shock of my life when I ended up standing outside in the freezing cold in nothing but a silver catsuit, silver face paint and wig. Not only this, but I was required to be a statue . To top off the complete hilarity of it all I then had kids prodding me to see if I was real!

Despite spending Christmas bogged down with the flu and tissues firmly by my side, the memories will always make me smile and I've certainly got some entertaining pictures to show my grandkids one day!

So the moral of the story is, life as a brand ambassador is certainly not for the faint hearted. You rise to the challenge no matter what it may be and come rain or shine (and sometimes even snow) you always do it with a smile on your face!

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