Read Gemma Lahney, iD Staffing Client Services Manager's take on the summer so far!

It occurred to me the other day that for the most part of each morning I currently spend a considerable amount of my time complaining about the weather. I actually complain so much now that I quite literally bore myself with my own repetition, and yet I dare say I’m not the only one who’s struggling with the distinct lack of Vitamin D these last few months. In a year where we’ve already celebrated a somewhat dampened (but not disheartened) Diamond Jubilee, and are fast approaching our Olympic Showcase Extravaganza and a coinciding push on Staycations, you have to ask yourself just how much of the overall success is reliant on us having some good weather? And let’s not forget that the summer is the heart of experiential activity, with brands emerging all over the UK to engage, excite and entice their consumer. Although it’s nothing new to see umbrellas at the festivals and the odd rainy high street activity, it would be a real shame if we spent such an important summer dodging the rain clouds.

Never the less, as defiant as we Brits are our clients are still out and about; Alpro has kicked off their 2012 summer festival tour this weekend at a very wet and windy Wychwood Festival, the Mountain Dew Energy Crew are out on the road for the start of their 2012 Shockingly Drinkable Energy tour, and Delancey is currently showcasing their plans for the new ‘East Village’ at a variety of London events and locations (I took a sun-filled virtual bike ride around the grounds at their Grand Design’s exhibition last month!). There’s even talk of an outdoor beach soon to open near the O2, with some fantastic opportunities for brands to engage with a leisurely city slicker, as they sit back and enjoy some of Britain’s top entertainment.

So perhaps it’s not all bad, and it’s the spirit that counts anyway, right!? We may not get the summer we all hope for but the show must and will go on regardless. Brands will still charge out onto the battle fields, consumers will still buy the latest summer ‘must-haves’, and athletes will still win Gold medals (with hopefully a few for the Brits!). I am of course still hopeful, still waiting, and still disgruntled about the current state of the climate, but in light of people’s resilience to the bleak forecast ahead so far, I have decided to make a self-professed pact to moan no further... Because it can still be a Great British Summer after all, and there really is so very much to look forward to in the months ahead, come rain or shine.

Union Jack umbrellas at the ready, summer time here we come!


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