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The role of the Brand Ambassador is vital to the success of creating interactive and engaging brand experiences in experiential marketing. One of our very own Ambassadors Sharan Atwal explains why she loves it so!

Personally, I can’t sit in the same office everyday... I need adventure, excitement, change.. I need the world of experiential!

For some of us, it’s a full time job and for the others it fits in perfectly around the world we live in. Me? I’m an actress. The day to day slog of auditioning, the unreliability of whether you’re going to work or not, not to mention that one dreaded question all performers are constantly screaming out -“When am I going to get paid??”!! Working in promotions makes my life that tiny bit easier and more stable. At least I know if I’m not going to be on a stage or a t.v screen this month, it’s ok! Because I WILL have some security, working with other fun-loving, outgoing people and learning various tricks of the trade! There’s never a dull moment when working for iD!

First of all, one of the main reasons why I love it so much is the people! You will never come across such an eclectic, crazy and interesting group like a promo group! We are all there to make the most of each day by having a laugh, keeping each other motivated and smiling.

We range from performers, make up artists, people inbetween travelling, uni kids, parents... (I could go on for ages) all with a different story to tell! You’ll never get a word in edgeways when with us! So be warned – if you do want to join our world, you will be paid to be happy!

Next up there’s being in a different place every day, you can’t get more exciting than that! One minute you could be sampling at a festival in the middle of a lively, mental atmosphere, the next you may be at London Fashion week or even hanging out by Shoreditch market on a Sunday! My favourite campaign to date has to be chilling with the giraffes at London Zoo! You will get to know the hot spots of London (or whatever area you live in) like the back of your hand!

Finally, there’s the actual work! If you can call it work! We call it “getting paid to smile!”. From Mountain Dew to Max Factor, from Nespresso to Nestle, you will be dealing with so many different products and getting to know about everything! Your product knowledge will expand hugely with every training session you attend. Soon you’ll find your friends and family are coming to you with “What Mascara shall I buy?” or “What events are on in London this weekend?” You’ll be classed as a book of knowledge! Not to mention the bonus’! Girls, you’ll want to do well in sales when you know there’s a free lip-gloss and eyeliner in it for you!

So, there you have it, my top reasons why I would recommend being a part of our crazy bubble to anyone and why I couldn’t be without it! And if you’re ever looking to add more of a social lifestyle to your workplace, then get involved in the wonderful world of experientiall!

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