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Here at iD we believe that our staff are our biggest asset, so much so that we thought we would give them a chance to share their experiences first hand from the world of experiential marketing. Meet our very own Brand Ambassador, Katie Ganly as she explains why life working for iD in the field is anything but ordinary...

As Santa’s bells chime faintly in the distance, it can mean only one thing. Christmas is fast approaching. No sooner have the flip-flops (still in mint condition for most of us) been tossed to the back of the wardrobe, out comes the fur coat (faux fur… don’t panic animal lovers). Along with an eagerly awaiting diary, ready to be penned with networking opportunities, adventures, new faces, and stories of the odd bumbling old man who loves nothing more than a chat with an alright looking lass. Some may call these diary entries ‘jobs’, but the joy of promotional work brings far more to the table for me.

When I first entered the weird and wonderful world of promo (sometimes more weird than wonderful), my past experiences led me to believe it would be little more than leafleting for minimum wage. BOY was I wrong!

I’m a firm believer of the phrase “it’s who you know, not what you know”, but the cynic in me thought it best to go to University just in case it wasn’t true. Little did I know when I applied for a position at iD Experiential to support my studies that I had stumbled upon the ideal arena to play out my developing knowledge of Marketing, whilst connecting with people from all walks of professional life. Although the competitive rates of pay are an initial attraction and an important one if available working hours are limited; promotional work offers so much more.

Finally a work-life balance seems realistic with the absolute freedom to choose when I want to work, allowing me to champion my studies and start getting rid of that god-awful student debt! Every booking is a chance to meet new faces, with the majority of my team mates having some colourful ‘other’ they’re pursuing; aspiring actors, singers, models, writers, musicians: like-minded driven characters all with a different story to tell.

For anyone that appreciates variety, least one forgets it is the spice of life; iD Experiential is the place to be! Fantastic Clients. Vibrant Campaigns. Endless Opportunities. It’s more than just a job -it’s a platform to learn. A key to open as many doors in the professional world as an iD’er might have the sense and drive to try in the lock.

Who knows what interesting people I’ll be crossing paths with this season whilst representing some of the most prestigious brands in the country. I can’t wait!

Katie Ganly
Brand Ambassador

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