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Experiential Marketing prides itself on the concept of creating innovative brand experiences. So here at iD we think it’s only right that we practice what we preach in all aspects of what we do.

Does anyone else feel that this year has flown by? Summer is over and the Olympics have come and gone in a flash, leaving us with a great big empty feeling and the question looming, ‘what to look forward to next’? Before you know it the winter thermals will be out and Christmas will be just around the corner!

One thing that our summer of historic sporting events has taught us is the influential impact that teamwork and attention to detail can make to any experience.

Whether it was the support of the volunteers at the Olympics and Paralympics games, or the collective input from the organisers and sponsors over the past 7 years. None of these amazing events would have had the same effect without the hard work and determination of the people involved. The Olympics are proof that nurturing talent is the biggest way to achieve successful results.

Similarly for us here at iD, 2012 has been a year of exceptional highs, including some amazing client wins, rewarded by company trips to Madrid and Royal Ascot (thanks to our lovely social committee 'iParty'.) August in itself was a particularly special month for us, with the announcement that we came fourth in the ‘Experiential League Tables.’ Celebrations were then followed by our very own tribute to the summer games ‘The LOLympics.’ It is safe to say that we take the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra very seriously.

We even have our very own ‘Head of First Impressions’, whose sole responsibility is to ensure that every visitor that passes through the doors at iD HQ has an experience they won’t forget. Whether it is an email to a client to request their preferred choice of refreshment for their big meeting, or a company car that picks them up to avoid the hustle and bustle of the tube. You can be sure that when it comes to creating experiences we always appreciate the importance of the people involved and the little details that can sometimes be overlooked.

Now who says you can’t look forward to getting out of bed for work in the morning…

Madison Byrne


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