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3D Scanning and digital integration with live experiences

While 3D is a bit of a buzz word of the moment – what with 3D cinema, 3D TVs and 3D printing seemingly on everyone’s lips – I’ve often found it difficult to try and translate how these new technologies would work in the real world for a live brand experience.

I really believe that 3D printing is amazing and is likely to change the way we as consumers purchase and the way brands meet the demands of their customers in the future. I particularly love these 3D printed shoes by Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen – you can actually download the files for free to bag yourself a pair now… if you have access to a 3D printer that is.


Images via Design Milk

However that’s kind of my point – even though I understand the reason why this technology is great (who wouldn’t want to be able to download the latest fashions and print them at home?!) there just isn’t anything tangible right now. And it leaves me wondering if all the 3D chatter is a at worst a gimmick and at best before its time!?

Well, that was until iD’s Creative Technologist Thierry Sequira (check out his last blog post here) began investigating the use of 3D scanning! He opened my eyes to the technology we have at our disposal right now. We’ve now invested in new software which allows you to scan almost anything in 3D. This can then be manipulated, coloured in and put in almost any virtual environment.

Take a look at this video Thierry created of scanning iD’s Strategy and Planning Director Liam Danby at the office. This has really brought to life how we as an agency with experience at our heart could create an engaging brand experience for our clients using 3D technology.

The beauty of this tech is that it can span the physical and digital world; something that is becoming more and more imperative for brands when engaging with their consumers. Marketing Week only this week wrote an article about the integration of experiential and digital. At iD we completely agree – so much of what we do in a live space can only exist with amplification via social channels. However we are firm believers that the more virtual experiences we have the more physical real-life ones we need too!

Coca-Cola Israel are one of the first brands I’ve seen to use this 3D scanning technology combining it with 3D printing.

Coca-Cola Mini-Me (3D printing) from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

While this is all good fun, the experience itself can only reach a relatively small number of consumers. We are really keen to talk to brands about using 3D scanning and other technologies to truly integrate physical and online consumer experiences – one that can reach a mass audience.

If brands can harness live and digital integration, keeping experience at the heart of their consumer engagement, then surely they’re going to be on to a winner?!

If you’d like to find out more about 3D scanning or integrating digital with your experiential campaigns we’d love to hear from you! Do you think this is the future – or something brands need to be thinking about now? Leave us a comment below.

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