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Clare Boorman, newly appointed Account Manager for iD Staffing recently travelled across the pond in the search of talented new iDols to join our database of vibrant brand ambassadors.

What better way for me to experience the famous iD Staffing auditions than assisting the team in the search of new talent in the Emerald Isle?!

As the potential iDols queued in the blistering cold and rain outside the elaborate Button Factory in Dublin you could feel the anticipation and excitement brewing. I quickly realised that we were in for an action packed day!

From actors to dancers, students to professional sales ambassadors it was clear there was a great deal of potential in the room! The style of our Auditions made me feel as if I had swapped roles with Simon Cowell (minus the high-waisted trousers). All that was missing from the day was that big red button! Judging hopeful potentials on their confidence, ambition and putting them through different tasks to ensure they matched the profile for some of our biggest brands.

After an exhilarating day in Dublin we jumped on the train and crossed the border to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was excited to find out what the next day would bring as the candidates in Dublin had set the standard pretty high!

Arriving at the Black Box venue in Belfast, I felt the same rush of adrenaline as the day before. In this particular location we were looking for slightly more specific brand profiles including sales and beauty demonstrators to represent some of our retail clients.

As the Ireland trip progressed the quality of the candidates was outstanding! We have now recruited over 40 new Emerald iDols to represent some of the UK’s best loved brands. Watch this space Ireland our iDols are ready to sham-rock!!!

Clare Boorman
Junior Account Manager

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