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Chantelle Jones, Senior Account Manager for iD Staffing explains why brands using integrated marketing tactics combining brand experience with the power of digital will succeed this year.

Much has been said about the state of the British high-street with more and more retailers moving online. However I think it’s all about getting the balance between digital and the real world just right.

I like to browse high-street shops and try my clothes on before I buy them as much as the next person, but then still order a last minute outfit online and have it delivered to my nearest click and collect point. I want to share links to expensive bags through my boyfriend’s Facebook page (just in case he didn’t quite notice the subtle hints). I, like all of us, have become a demanding consumer with high expectations, and with the advent of 4G, my buying journey just got rapid!

Brands are more than ever interacting with their consumers via social media; Facebook and Twitter competitions, style blogs, live feeds and online groups - why? They want to be the brand that everyone is talking about, the brand that cares enough to interact with their consumers; because let’s face it without us where would they be? Social CRM Company Conversocial claims 30 per cent of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes on Twitter, while 29 per cent expect a response on Facebook in under two hours.

However as much as we rely on the world of digital, let’s not forget that the world of digital relies on us too! With the likes of online companies Amazon and Ebay using experiential marketing to engage their consumers outside of cyberspace, it is clear the need to create a physical connection between brands and consumers is at an all-time high. Ebay recently installed a pop-up shop in Covent Garden which neatly integrated the use of augmented reality technology, real-time purchasing and real-life interactions to encourage visits to the online store.

We want to know everything about a product before we part with our cash so surely the brands that are interacting with us both at point of purchase and beyond will simply enhance our brand loyalty and motivate us to spend again?

I don’t think the high-street is dead but brands need to begin thinking about adding value to their consumers. To succeed in the retail environment brands needs to consider the consumer experience across all platforms from their website to social media, at point of purchase to their advertising campaigns. Integration is vital for brands to succeed this year!

Chantelle Jones
Senior Account Manager


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