Chelsea Searles recently joined iD Staffing as a member of our exciting and innovative 'Auditions team’. Check out her blog about her experience joining us here at iD HQ...

Starting a new job within any company is always a daunting process, in some respects it takes you back to initial thoughts of the school playground: “who will I sit with at lunch?” “Will they like me?” So preparing for my first day as a newbie at iD HQ was no small task for me.

To my initial surprise before I had even started I was greeted with a warm and friendly email from their ‘Head of First Impressions’ requesting to know what my favourite treats were, along with the confirmation details for a pre-booked (and may I add iD branded) taxi to transport me into work on my first day!

My first day felt like a doddle-well only after I got through the daunting yet surprisingly enjoyable process of introducing myself to the entire agency in their regular Monday morning meeting - iD AM. I was then escorted around the quirky offices by my line manager and given a warm welcome by all as I shared an assortment of my favourite salt and vinegar crisps (FYI - food should probably always be used as an ice breaker when meeting new people) Though this process may seem unusual it definitely works!

Each newbie at iD HQ is given an experiential induction kit, before they even start – providing everything you could possibly want to know to get you through your first week. Mine included a colour coded map of the office and a staff handbook with suggestions on where to get the best lunch in Kentish Town. We even got our very own branded oyster card holders which makes me very proud every time I pull it out on my new commute!

Experiencing the very experiential welcome to life at iD HQ definitely made sitting down to work all the more easier. I felt inspired to roll up my sleeves and make stuff happen! It became clear to me very quickly that the ‘Always Experiential’ mantra is shared from iD HQ right through to each brand ambassador working for them in the field.

After my first day, it was hard to not feel like a member of the crazy and quirky experiential family that is iD. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people and to top it all off, rounding up my first week of work with a Friday booze bar actually made it quite hard to want to go home!

Working at iD is not just a job, it’s an experience; one that I feel will stick with me forever!

Chelsea Searles
Auditions Admin Assistant


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