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The hustle and bustle of the office 9-5 is not for everyone. In fact, the experiential industry is booming with thousands of brand ambassadors, event managers and product demonstrators. All hardworking individuals that love the thrill of working across a range of environments, meeting different people and working on some pretty exciting brand campaigns.

Here at iD we are always on the lookout for brand savvy people to join our 5000 strong brand ambassador team, representing some of the UK’s leading brands in both experiential and in-store campaigns. Below are 5 key points that we feel reiterates our passion for recruiting great brand ambassadors.

1.      Trust - Having been in the industry for 20 years we appreciate the hard work and commitment that our brand ambassadors put into each of our campaigns. For us trust is the most important factor in any relationship and in turn we are always working hard to ensure we keep all of our staff happy both within HQ and out in the field.

2.      Flexibility - there seems to be a myth that promotional work is merely a job for students? Don’t believe the rumours - we have a range of both flexible and permanent roles available all year round (including roles that cater for coffee connoisseurs and people with a passion for pets)

3.      Incentives & Rewards - We strongly believe that hard work deserves merit. Our Golden iDOLS program ensures that our Always Experiential mantra is echoed not only within our work but also in the way in which we reward our staff. Rewards include anything from shopping experience days, weekend trips away and even hot air balloon rides! 

4.      Brand power - We are extremely proud to work with some of the UK’s leading brands which in turn means that our brand ambassadors work on some pretty exciting campaigns. Click here to check out some of the campaigns you could be part of.

5.      Training & Development - It’s important for us to develop our staff and provide a clear path for progression. We have recently developed several training academies, including an excellence in customer service and a specialised EM Academy that focuses on everything from quality control to HR legal technicalities.

Our Auditions team are currently touring nationwide on the lookout for talented brand ambassadors and product demonstrators to work across a range of sectors, including health and beauty and small electricals. If you think this sounds like your cup of tea then click here to find out more about becoming an iDOL


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