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Saturday Night Fever

With iD's Always Experiential mantra in mind, Madison Byrne shares her recent experience at Future Cinema presents Saturday Night Fever...

Last week iD's Marketing Manager Claire Hutchings posted a blog about the death of the cinema experience. It focused on why big chains need to start taking inspiration from experiential marketing to engage cinema goers outside of the usual 90 minute film slot.

With this in mind last Friday a few of us attended Future Cinema presents Saturday Night Fever. A classic film, which I had to admit I had never actually seen before; although of course everyone knows the words to its infamous soundtrack - not to mention the amount of times I’ve heard my mum swoon over John Travolta's dance moves!

Future Cinema brought the film to life through a series of different interactive and immersive touch-points. On confirmation of my ticket I was given a whole new identity, assigned to a ‘gang’ and given strict instructions on dress code for the night: rule no 1: sisters must respect hot-pants at all times (eeek!)

For one night only I was going to be Judy Swanson of the Dirt Road Diggers gang and was to greet fellow gang members with a swanky hand shake to let them know I was on their side.  What better way to immerse you with the film but to make you feel as if you are part of it?!

The film screening itself was set in the magnificent Art Deco Troxy Theatre, just a short journey away from Canary Wharf.  On arrival you would have been forgiven for believing you were walking around the back streets of 1970's New York. Actors rolling around on skates, flares and Afro's on every corner and a sea of thick New York accents asking; "have you seen Tony??"

Arriving into the main hall was literally like stepping back through time. Disco lights, dance competitions, hot dog vendors, popcorn machines and a DJ’ spinning vinyl’s on his turntable (not a MacBook or iPod in sight might I add).

Guests had the chance to grab a cocktail, have a boogie or have their photo snapped inside the set of Tony Manero’s bedroom. Throughout the film actors walked around recreating vital scenes and engaging with everyone (not once did I hear their New York accent fade). Even once the screening had finished the fun continued. Guests could dance the night away disco style; with a special performance from 70’s diva Kym Mazelle! (Young Hearts, run free…you know the song)

By recreating memorable scenes from the film and inviting guests to be part of the experience the clever chaps at Future Cinema created a powerful feeling of escapism, something that all films have the ability to do, yet not many cinema chains actually pay much attention to past the popcorn and sweet stands!

Much like the power of experiential marketing the experience allowed fans of the film to connect on both a physical and emotional level. Brands and cinema chains take note… I certainly won’t be forgetting this experience in a hurry!

Who else has experienced Future Cinema? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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