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Jo Milne, Senior Account Manager here at iD explores the concept behind the launch of our 4 month 'Perfect Shape Pop up Shop' for Scholl at Westfield London.

For the twenty something hipsters of Japan, compression hosiery isn’t a new concept and the Perfect Shape Scholl Hosiery is already well established as a heavyweight brand. However the concept that hosiery can be functional and fashionable needed to be tested in the UK before a full scale roll out could take place.

We wanted to see which of the Scholl Perfect Shape range struck a chord with the British public and educate consumers about the fact that this traditionally un-sexy product could in actual fact be trendy too.

So, iD Experiential embarked on activating the Perfect Shape Pop-Up Shop.

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The Pop-Up was located in a high footfall area of Westfield London, opposite a Boots store where other Scholl products were sold for 119 days . It was simple in its build and boldly labelled with hard hitting statistics; “72% said their legs looked more slender”-This all helped to attract the right consumer demographic to the stand.


We hand selected a team of savvy sales advisors all of whom had gone through our rigorous selection process “The Auditions”, to get on our books. It was important to recruit staff who could wear the hosiery making them look fashionable, not just functional but also who could talk knowledgeably about the Perfect Shape range.

The core team of 9 staff underwent full training prior to beginning the activity at Reckitt Benckiser HQ and all had a minimum of 2 years retail experience to ensure that there would be a focus on sales not just brand awareness and educating consumers.


The Perfect Shape Pop-Up Shop was launched with a bang as a staggering 37% of overall sales were produced in the opening month alone. As the weeks passed throughout the 17 week campaign, repeat consumers visited the shop to bulk buy their favourite products before the store closed. Our weekly sales reports gave a clear indication of the variety, style and sizes of products that should be launched to the UK market, while our post purchase feedback surveys suggested a pack re-design might be preferable to consumers.


We know the Perfect Shape Tights went down a treat with consumers not only from the fantastic sales results but also from their feedback surveys:

“I purchased a pair last week and they are amazing! Today, I brought my friend back so we can both stock up before the shop closes!”

One of the fundamental reasons why the store was such a success was the approach itself. The Pop-Up Shop provided consumers with a relaxed environment in which to discuss their body quandaries and receive informed advice from our sales team who really believed in the product.

Providing a 1:1 engagement with consumers and our sales specialists brought this new product to life in a short trial period thus gaining invaluable consumer insight prior to a full scale nationwide launch.

Jo Milne
Senior Account Manager


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