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It’s essential for any business to keep an eye on the competition, especially in the fast paced, dynamic experiential agency world. To ensure we are always one step ahead of the game we make it our business to know exactly what is going on in our industry. Who’s doing what, when and where!?

Everyone at iD has a passion for interactive brand experiences, but we decided to formalise our passion for experiential, by setting up weekly competitor intelligence meetings. An idea generated amongst the Account Executives within iD.

Each week one person is nominated to research campaigns, trends, new technology and general out of the box ideas that have created a memorable and engaging experience for consumers. This enables members of the team at all levels to hone research and presentation skills while educating the rest of the agency on what our competitors and practitioners in other parts of the world are up to.

The aim of each session is to critique the campaigns, establishing what we like and what we would do if we were the creative force driving the experience. It is important to dig deep into why a campaign is good or bad, sometimes there’s a brilliant creative idea that has been executed badly – and other times the simplest concept done well is all that’s needed. But it’s great for us Account Execs to have these sorts of conversations with our peers and more senior colleagues.

The sessions have taught junior members of the team practical skills to help them develop within the business – not everyone here has the opportunity to be creative or have their head in client campaigns on a daily basis. These meetings allow us to have a view on the experiential industry which is great when talking to clients. By building a resource bank we all become better at our jobs and creating the very best campaigns for our clients.

We have found that presenting videos is a great medium to showcase the campaigns. Given that experiential is all about the human connection and experience of the product, the videos aid in evoking feelings which participants would have felt during the experience.

For a team working on some of iD's largest accounts the research and meetings are both informative and vital to the development of our roles. Our sessions enable us to embrace iD’s ‘Always Experiential’ mantra and give more junior members of the team a chance to shine!


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