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With multi-channel marketing at an all-time high, we look at why marketers should not forget the value that face to face interaction can bring to their brands.

We all love a good natter… in fact as human beings we can’t get enough interaction. 94% of consumers say they would trust a recommendation from a friend when making purchasing decisions. Even today in our virtual world word of mouth is still one of the biggest influencers for driving sales. It's simple people influence people.

This is the notion that is at the very heart of iD. We understand that no matter how creative or engaging a brand experience is the ultimate 1:1 engagement will eventually be the driving force to generate sales and build lasting brand advocacy… especially in the competitive retail environment.

We are not alone either we work with some of the UK's biggest brands providing trained in-store demonstrators in department stores nationwide. They too understand the value of providing their customers with that all important face to face engagement.

This is why we invest in the recruitment and training of specialist in-store demonstration teams. This week we held our first dedicated iD In-store Auditions to select and train the very best sales and demonstration professionals. Successful applicants received hands on training from Sales Expert Alex Kramer and iD mentors who have already proven themselves to be top performers on our brands. Many of our clients popped along to see how we train the staff that will represent their brands and even handpicked a few for their campaigns.

Watch the iD In-store Auditions film here:

It’s not just traditional beauty and electrical brands that are getting in on the in-store demonstration act. Our latest in-store campaign for Lee Jeans in John Lewis stores nationwide is testimony to the fact that even major fashion brands are buying into live interaction at point of purchase. They know it’s the only way to personally tailor each individual consumer retail experience. After all we all need that certain someone to tell us how good we look in those jeans!

As the online and social biosphere evolves it’s now even easier for brands to get their message across and target consumers through a range of specifically tailored mediums. Websites, apps, interactive vending machines, the list is endless and continues to grow with the development of new technologies.

Whilst these mediums can easily wow a consumer, human interaction should not be overlooked. Too many brands simply drive their consumers to point of sale, it’s vital to engage them through every step of their journey to ensure a long term relationship.


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