iD launches Event Manager Training Academy

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Here at iD we believe that training is vital to the development of our staff, in particular those working across our live brand campaigns.

It’s common knowledge that Event Managers and Brand Ambassadors play a fundamental role to the success of any live brand experience, therefore it’s important to us that they possess the core skills required to represent some of the UK’s leading brands.

With this in mind, we recently launched our exclusive Event Manager Training Academy. Held at Altitude 360 within London’s Millbank Tower, we invited over 40 EM’s from around the country to come and experience iD’s internal ways of working first hand.

The day was divided into 3 key sections - aptly titled the Heart, the Head and the Hands - each representing the many elements that go into building a successful experiential campaign. This includes:

-          Staff management & motivation (The Heart)

-          Client liaison and account management skills (The Head)

-          Campaign production and logistics (The Hands)

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Our overall goal is to ensure we have a team of confident and competent Event Managers who have a consistent understanding of the background work that goes into every one of our campaigns.  Event managers are the strongest communication link between our head office teams and our live experiences so it’s only right to nurture their talent.

The EM Academy will be rolled out across the country throughout 2014 so please get in contact if you are interested in attending the next session!

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