The Christmas Experience – From On-screen to In-store

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In the era of social media, the festive season is officially under way once the Christmas ads start going viral. This year we saw three campaigns become popular, namely those by John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

While both Sainsbury’s and M&S strove to increase social media interaction by pushing hashtags in their ads, #Christmasisforsharing and #Followthefairies respectively, the company that seems to have ‘won’ the battle for Christmas once again is John Lewis. The sales figures speak for themselves, with John Lewis seeing a massive spike thanks, in part, to Monty the Penguin.

Expanding the Ad – Unifying Advertising and Experiential Campaigns

So what have John Lewis done to get the most out of the popular penguin? Alongside their social media campaign and additional content revolving around Monty, they have taken the evocative advert and used it to create an in-store experience.

With Monty’s Winter Garden on Oxford Street, and Monty’s Den in stores nationwide, John Lewis have connected the experience of being in their store directly with their television advertising campaign, unifying what could otherwise be, in the eyes of customers, disconnected experiences.

The advert might have got them through the door, but by having these interactive elements based around Monty in-store the consumer is reminded of the advert and will, hopefully, be reminded of the feelings evoked by the advert. All of this results in a greater chance of retaining the customer, a higher chance of making a sale and, finally, a more unified brand image.

Not Just for Christmas

While Christmas is perhaps the most important time for retailers to increase sales, there’s no reason that this kind of integrated marketing strategy can’t be followed all year round.

By connecting popular or emotive adverts to the in-store experience, the potential exists to reinforce or redefine an existing brand identity. In the case of character driven campaigns like the John Lewis one, you can create a brand or product that can be marketed, and generate sales, independently of seasonal or regional advertising campaigns.

iD Think...

We believe that the combination of advertising, media and experiential approaches into a unified campaign results in clearer lines of communication and a more successful approach to connecting with consumers.

If you’re interested in taking an existing advertising campaign and expanding it into an experiential campaign, or want to brainstorm potential cross-medium marketing options, get in touch with us.


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