A Healthy and Happy New Year

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It’s that time of year again. February is just around the corner and for most of us the resolutions we made at the start of January (with such conviction) are sadly no longer with us, having disappeared into the mist of time.

Most of our resolutions revolve around trying to become in one way or another healthier human beings - through diet, exercise and giving up those activities detrimental to our well-being. Sadly it seems most of us are doomed to failure!

I give thought to why we put ourselves under such pressure at this time of the year. Being healthy should be very much part of our lifestyle instead of a chore we set ourselves. However making changes to our lifestyle is not an easy task; unfortunately there is no ‘quick fix’ to acquire good habits. We are creatures of habit and bad habits take time to disappear.

My personal opinion is to take everything one day at a time. Small changes on a regular basis soon become good habits.

Resolve afresh each day to do one healthy thing whether it's eating a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit or a chocolate, walking up and down the stairs instead of using the lift or the escalators. The tube is a great place for this! Make that glass of wine a spritzer and most of all don't put yourself under pressure. Eventually all the above will evolve into a habit - a good habit! Slowly but surely this is the way to go. Get yourself an exercise buddy but don't be competitive - rather be empathetic, support each other with any goals you set.

December /January are the most expensive of months for us all so when looking at aids to help us achieve that ‘New Me’ we need to be proactive and selective. Look for gym offers that will suit your personal needs. Go for those New Year offers from brands which will allow you to engage in a TRIAL before tying yourself into something that in a few weeks you find unsuitable. Our feet are incredibly important to us, so invest in good footwear! Get advice from a reputable sports company.

When it comes to dietary aids look to those which maintain taste and texture, or alternatively purchase health cooking products which will allow you to make not only healthy alternatives to your normal dietary supplements but allow you to cook healthily from scratch. Forget those ready meals with their hidden elements. You'd be surprised how quickly you can produce a healthy meal with little or no effort - it just takes a little practice. Treat yourself to one of your favourite bad habit foods as a reward for reaching goals set. Slowly but surely is without doubt the best way to go.

Good luck and good health - here's to the Year of the Horse!

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