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Client Services Director, Caroline Deutsch discusses how by addressing negative taste perceptions, health brands can create engaging campaigns that achieve a real ROI.

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?  Did you know that today (10th January) is supposedly the day most people give up their New Year’s resolution?! The majority of New Year's resolutions made by Brits are some sort of vow to lead a healthier year, so there’s no surprise that the number 1 resolution is to lose weight.

Inevitably January is the prime time for all of the “good for you” healthy products and brands to push their USP’s. Whether it’s low fat crackers, healthy vitamin drinks or the latest “must try” diets we are bombarded with advice on how to shed those festive period pounds!

The problem is that most consumers think that they will need to sacrifice great taste for the “good for you” element of a health brand. Therefore just seeing an ad telling you how wonderful the product is really doesn’t always convince if consumers think they will be missing out.

The best way to overcome this negative taste perception is for health and wellbeing brands to offer consumers the chance to try their products and discover for themselves that they really do taste as good as they say while also providing the additional health benefits. This is a sure fire way of creating engagement, encouraging feedback and building a strong brand relationship.

It is absolutely about being physically able to trial a product, but there are some influential factors that will shape a successful campaign and our Alpro Breakfast Bar experience is a real example of this. 

Alpro have often suffered from negative taste perceptions, being perceived as a medical / health alternative rather than a tasty lifestyle choice. We therefore developed a “try now, try later” sampling strategy, offering commuters a healthy breakfast at key stations every day for a week, in a truly relevant way.

Alpro TS Category 1  Bullring 20

Whether it was stopping to engage with our Brand Ambassadors and enjoy a warming porridge made with Alpro almond or hazelnut milk, or offering commuters in a rush a “grab and go” breakfast bag to enjoy at the office – it gave every consumer the opportunity to try from a wide range of great tasting products and introduced the brand into their daily routine. Partnering with Dorset Cereals also strengthened the link with health and wellbeing to a like-minded audience.

IMG 0591 Copy

This approach created an optimised taste experience, which along with other mechanics resulted in Alpro driving word of mouth and a healthy ROI!

Find out more about our work with Alpro both at train stations and summer festivals ... And good luck with sticking to your New year’s resolutions!

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