Beauty brands going live - Part 1

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Beauty is big business in Britain, worth an estimated £15bn a year the industry is continuing to grow. Perhaps the health of the beauty industry can be put in some small part down to the investment in live marketing that beauty brands have consistently made.

Read the first installment of our five point guide for beauty brands looking to engage in the live environment.


There are several sources which cite Estee Lauder as the founder of experiential marketing when they first introduced what we now call in-store demonstrators to sample fragrances directly to consumers.

Now of course there are a multitude of face-to-face marketing options available to beauty brands, but which is the right approach for each brand? Over the next few weeks we will be sharing a series of instalments outlining which approaches have worked in the past to help beauty brand managers get the most out of their marketing budgets.

This week we are focusing on the all important factor of driving brand awareness.

1.  Brand awareness

As brand awareness is often the primary objective for many of the big beauty brands, a national road show will give your brand maximum exposure visiting multiple high footfall locations. These large scale touring experiences can often be the most immersive, allowing for longer dwell time and interactions with consumers. This in turn generates engaging content for PR and social media.

The Sanctuary celebrated their 30th birthday in style with their Spa in the City which toured city centres nationwide, providing free treatments, samples and drove traffic in-store.

The Sanctuary

Although selling is possible on roadshow campaigns, experiential campaigns are often used as a sampling occasion due to having the ability to reach large numbers of people in one go. Clever messaging and collateral can effectively drive purchase in-store or online - this route is ideal if you are looking for mass communication.

Next weeks installment (parts 2 & 3) will focus on driving those all-important sales and attracting a new target audience.

If you would like to talk to us about how live marketing can help your beauty brand please get in touch

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