Beauty Brands Going Live - Part 2

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The latest installment of our guide for beauty brands looking to engage in the live environment focuses on driving sales in-store and how to make the most of consumer events such as festivals and exhibitions to attract a new target audience.

2. Sales

If sales are your number one priority then in-store demonstrations programmes are ideal. With a nationwide presence in retailers you can better compete at point of purchase. In-store activity provides measurable uplift as well as forging successful relationships with retailers for those beauty brands that have listings.

Revlon have had significant success in-store over the past 5 years. We’ve recruited and trained a core team who live and breathe the brand to sell in-store at strategic points throughout the year. Revlon have seen an average uplift of 142% in sales when demonstrators have a presence on the high-street.

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3. New audience / new positioning

Consumer shows, festivals and other ‘destinations’ should always be considered when looking to target a certain type of consumer – or to position your brand in a new context. By taking your product or brand directly to where your target audience is often makes the most sense, particularly for niche or premium brands.

Sleek make-up took an integrated approach to experiential when trying to reach a more fashion forward audience. Partnering with fashion brand PPQ at London Fashion Week and touring UK festivals and shopping malls allowed them to retail directly to the specific audience they were targeting. £45k of sales later and the brand not only affected their bottom line but also created an engaging experience – offering mini-makeovers and a photo mechanism.

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Tomorrows final installment (parts 4 & 5) will focus on how to launch a new product and how to integrate your live campaign with other channels such as social, PR and above the line.

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