Beauty Brands Going Live - Part 3

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The final installment of our guide for beauty brands looking to engage in the live environment explores best practice tips for launching a new product and how to integrate live campaigns with other channels such as PR, above the line and social media.

4. Product Launches

Traditionally we have supported beauty brands in-store when launching new products, both Elizabeth Arden and Revlon launch 4-5 products a year with us in this way. However in order to create a real buzz and wider awareness it may be necessary to cast a wider net, particularly for those brands that want to retail directly with their consumers.

Utilising vacant retail space on the high-street, or shopping malls can be a great way for beauty brands to retail. A traditional Pop-up Shop such as this creates significant stand out and brand awareness. This is an ideal way to test a retail concept or new product in a low risk way, but can also generate content for other channels when utilising social media or technology in innovative ways.

 Maybelline Pop -Up Shop - PS

5. Content generation for other channels

Benefit saw impressive PR coverage with their Benefit Mascarathon campaign which raised money and awareness for domestic violence charity Refuge. The campaign saw 223 consumers and celebrity ambassadors running 2 miles each in a relay across the UK. 


Live experiences are engaging and the best form of sharable content generation whether that be for social, PR or above the line channels. This also increases reach, longevity and therefore return on investment. No one is pretending that big experiential roadshow or pop-up shops come cheap, but if you can generate a wider reach then this will make your money go further.

Of course there is no cut and fast rule. Every brand and all of their many objectives are different; therefore don’t feel like you have to keep up with the Jones’s when it comes to your competitors. The great thing about live brand experiences wherever they may be, is that they can be tailored totally to your brand, consumer and objectives.

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