Aether 'pops up' in London

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San-Francisco based technology brand, Aether has launched their very first pop-up store in London's South Molton Street, showcasing the worlds first thinking music player - Cone.

Cone, was designed with style and simplicity in mind and is the worlds first music player, that listens and responds to your verbal requests. Additionally, it picks up on your music habits and creates custom soundtracks based on your preferred music style, including free access to a library of 30 million songs - plus internet radio stations.

The pop-up store launched today (20th November) and is situated on 36, South Molton Street until the 29th November.

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iD have supported the launch with a team of highly trained Brand Ambassadors, providing interactive product demonstrations in-store and encouraging customers to trial Cone themselves. The in-store demonstrations are supported by a competition mechanic, giving customers a chance to win a Cone for themselves.

Find out more about Aether here

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