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This month, get to know Victoria Fitzsimmons, Senior Account Manager here at iD...


Victoria Fitzsimmons

What is your role?

Senior Account Manager across our experiential team - I work with a fantastic range of clients.

What is your favourite thing about working at iD?

The people I work with and their ability to inspire me on a daily basis (as well as putting up with my eccentric ways)! I also LOVE the fact that we have our very own iD inspired 'booze bar' at 5pm every Friday.

People are suprised when I tell them...

I once took part in an Iron Man competition, which took over 14 hours to complete. I can safely say I'll never be doing it again!

If you could banish one word or phrase that is over used in the industry, what would it be and why?

Learnings: as in lessons learned. Learnings isn't a word. 

iD on Victoria

You can always rely on Victoria for...

Creating a fun, energetic work atmosphere. She constantly makes people laugh even on a bad day. 

What statement or word best describes Victoria?


One thing Victoria hates...

Not having a cheeseboard on her Birthday (as opposed to a cake) and not having access to a BIC Biro - she simply refuses to write with any other brand!





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