Comfort launches immersive secret garden

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We collaborated with leading fabric conditioner brand Comfort and Golin PR, to launch an immersive garden, located in the heart of London's Covent Garden on Thursday 16th July.

Open for one day only, The Comfort Intense Garden comprised of a range of flowers including roses, foxgloves, daisies and peonies (to name a few), as well as a beautiful fountain and tree made entirely out of recycled clothing.

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95% of the approximately 1,846 garments used, which include socks, bobble hats, ties and shirts, were sourced from charity Oxfam. Each garment was freshly washed in products from the brand's new Comfort Intense range, which includes four fragrances - Fuchsia Passion, Fresh Sky, Ocean Pearl and Sunburst.

The garden and fabric flowers took 159 hours to create, and featured a swing and Secret Door inspired by classic children’s novel; The Secret Garden. 

We are incredibly proud to have been part of such a unique experience!

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