iD Staffing rolls out specialist Event Manager Training Academy

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This month, iD Staffing will be hosting a specialist Event Manager Training Academy in London on the 14th July.

Over 30 Event Managers will attend from across the UK, to further enhance their knowledge and management skills across live experiential campaigns.

The Training Academy explores the key elements that help bring experiential campaigns to life and educates Event Managers on the importance of iD’s internal processes including:

  • Staff management and motivation
  • Client liaison skills and account management processes
  • Campaign logistics & health & safety

Following the session, all candidates will be required to complete both a written and practical assignment, to determine iD’s core team of Event Managers for 2015-16.

The Event Manager Academy is part of a wider portfolio of training initiatives that we now offer to our database of over 5000 skilled Event Managers, Brand Ambassadors and Product Demonstrators - with a clear focus on nurturing and motivating our staff across the industry.

The Event Manager Training Academy will be rolled out across the UK throughout 2015.

To find out more about how you can take part in our Event Manager Academy, please get in touch with the iD Staffing team.


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