In-Store Demonstrations: The Secrets to Building Long Lasting Brand Advocacy

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In-store demonstrations offer brands a unique method of marketing. Yet while many businesses are eager to reach out and practice experiential techniques within the retail environment, knowing where to start can feel like a real marketing maze.

Making in-store demonstrations work for your business is about having the vision – and the strategy – to connect with your audiences. And with over 20 years’ experience as the UK’s leading experiential and in-store agency, here at iD we’re best placed to help you understand how.

In our brand new guide, In Store Demonstrations: The Secrets To Building Long Lasting Brand Advocacy, we help brands learn more about what it takes to develop effective in-store campaigns.

Learn more about the power of in-store demonstrations with iD

An in-store demonstration allows people to see for themselves the true quality of a product. But from finding promotional staff that audiences can identify with, to timing the launch of campaigns to maximum effect, your in-store strategy requires just as much thought as any other marketing channel.

Having devised in-store demonstration campaigns for a range of household and beauty brands, we know better than anyone how to build brand advocacy. 

Focusing around five key concepts, our helpful guide aims to help brands consider:

  • Understanding more about the importance of buy-in, cooperation and forward thinking with your retailers
  • The role of brand ambassadors within in-store demonstrations and the right way to recruit them
  • Customer approach and the role of creativity in achieving demonstrations that stand out from the crowd

A chance to enhance your brand in every way imaginable to target audiences, product demonstrations should do so much more than just show people how something works.

Click here to download In Store Demonstrations: The Secrets To Building Long Lasting Brand Advocacy and find out more about building long-term brand advocacy!


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