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This month we've partnered with leading intimate skin care brand femfresh, to create a bold and light-hearted experiential campaign at major shopping centres; empowering women to love their bodies and be proud of their ‘bits and pieces’.

The experience features a giant ‘Bits and Pieces’ GIF studio, inviting women to become live mannequins and show off the ‘bits’ they love most about themselves, along with some of their favourite ‘pieces’ from their shopping sprees.

ID_Femfresh _Boutique _Westfields _10ID_Femfresh _Boutique _Westfields _2

A team of Brand Ambassadors will guide consumers through the experience, explaining exactly how it works: hang up your favourite items from your shopping spree on the wall; put your face, your arms, your legs and whatever bits you like through the holes in the screen; make some shapes, pull some faces then share your moving image. Customers then receive their GIF directly to their mobiles along with a femfresh sample and money off coupon to use in-store.

ID_Femfresh _Boutique _Westfields _56ID_Femfresh _Boutique _Westfields _45

The campaign launched in Westfield Stratford between the 11th-13th September and will head to Manchester’s Arndale Centre this weekend (18th-20th September).


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